Whether it's your worn-out outdoor patio set, a family heirloom or you're just tired of looking at the living room sofa, the Neumeyer team can rejuvenate your furniture.


As you use your furniture, it becomes worn, faded, stained and 'dated.' We have years of experience with the proper handling of reupholstery projects, especially with antiques. We carefully remove and document all the steps when stripping it down to the frame. Then, we evaluate the condition of the packing material, springs and straps. We repair or replace what is needed before applying new fabric. We have a very large selection of materials including woven, vinyl, hide and leather as well as patterns to suite anyone's taste! We also reupholster vehicle and boat seats, repair flags/banners/umbrellas and create new throw pillows and slip covers.


Our commercial work has included: office furniture, seating areas, exam tables, gym equipment.


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